upcoming performances

a journey – confused.looking for beauty: or…is missing

from 6pm until midnight
at limbus europae
Kienitzer Str. 108
U8 Boddinstr.


adrian shephard (performance)
nina nordvall vahlberg & marit fahlander (concert)
ruben patino (happening)
clarissa hurst & cristina mantione & daniela schmidtke & felix arjona & nina vahlberg & servet gürbüz (body/performance)

“in.sack.out” clarrisa hurst (video)

dj fetish (sound)

check out:


sameheads Berlin,

Sat 18.9., at 1 am

last performances

Sat. 26.6.10 “Yellow Session” at K-Salon
Bergmannstr. 54, Berlin
U7 Südstern

O.G.M. presented: Excerpts of “Brandscapes” (a work in progress)
Start: 7:30pm

Brandscapes is dealing with chosen and non-chosen identities, inner and outer poses, desire.


31.5.10 at limbus europae (episode #39)
„Yellow Monday“ mit O.G.M. & Guests

with: Felix Arjona, Servet Gürbüz, Sonja Heller, Clarissa Hurst, Cristina Mantione, Daniela Schmidtke, Magdalena Zahn
and Sound-Performance: Nina Vahlberg, Carl Beleitis
Guests: Sören Heuer (Live-Painting), Angie Nina Yeowell (Sound)

Exhibition: Melanie Natusch, Adrian Shephard, Felix Bonowski, Clarissa Hurst


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