Adrian Shephard

My primary interest is exploration of the mind and body phenomenon through butoh dance.This has developed through work with Masaki Iwana, a former student of its founder Tatsumi Hijikata, and my daily practice of Vipassana meditation. Dance for me is to approach the first and last moment of life at the same time. We are always one breath , one heartbeat away from the mystery of the absolute unknown.
I’m a misconstructionist artist and my means of expression and research use the body, digital art, film, sound, drawing, poetry, photography and tarot.

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Daniela Schmidtke

studied Butoh with Minako Seki.

The most important experience in dancing butoh for me is feeling the diffusion between body and space, being in one place and being anywhere, anyone, anything. It is the metamorphosis theme in butoh dance which gives the dancer the intensity, the strength and the lightness in presence.

Other influences in dance: Physical Theater and Body Weather, Modern Contemporary, Release

email: daniela.schmidtke@googlemail.com

Sonja Heller

danced 11 years classical ballet and studied acting at the European Theatre Institute in Berlin. Her first meeting with butoh was in a workshop 1999 of Minako Seki. Her other main teachers are Atsushi Takenouchi and Imre Thormann beneath Yumiko Yoshioka, Yuko Kaseki and Katsura Kan. In her solo and ensemble works she explores together with other artists limits to music, video and other art forms and combines butoh with contemporary dance elements, BMC and contact improvisation.
Since 2010 she curates together with other butoh dancers the improvisation series “Frequenzen” at exploratorium berlin.
Aside this she is a teacher of „dance of the metamorphoses“, a method of
Fe Reichelt and Reiki.
In her workshops she attaches especially importance to find everyone’s own butoh dance and to help the participants to express their personal imaginations through their body.





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